Visit to Atlantis Marine Display “Lost Chambers” and Atlantis water-park – “Aquaventure”

Visit to Atlantis Marine Display “Lost Chambers” and Atlantis water-park – “Aquaventure”

Aquaventure guests will have access to 700 metres of private beach featuring 2500 chaise lounges and a wide range of water sports including windsurfing, sea kayaking, small sailing vessels, floating climbing walls and other air-blown floating devices

The Rapids will circumnavigate and lead into the Ziggurat, the epicentre of all the action, reaching 30m into the sky. The Ziggurat will feature seven heart pumping water slides, two of which catapult riders through a transparent tunnel into the shark lagoon

A cashless payment system will be offered to guests throughout Aquaventure. Guests simply load funds on to their wristbands, via cash or credit, which is then accepted at all outlets throughout the park. 150 trained lifeguards will be positioned throughout Aquaventure at any given time.

Rides - The Leap of Faith body slide will offer the daring and adventurous a 27.5m (90ft) almost sheer vertical drop from the top of the Ziggurat, propelling the body surfing riders at a rapid speed through a clear acrylic tunnel submerged in the shark-filled lagoon. The slide will be over 61m long.

Shark Attack, 13m up the Ziggurat, will spin riders into the tower’s mysterious dark core before emerging through the shark-filled lagoon at a leisurely ‘shark-viewing’ pace Stinger, The Falls and Shamal are all inner tube slides using ‘master-blaster’ technology, which effectively creates a water roller coaster, propelling riders on jets of water, up and downhill throughout Aquaventure.

The Surge will descend from the top tier of the Ziggurat and wind down through a camel back drop into a cavern with a flash flood. Further slides, for our younger or more anxious riders, offers a more placid journey into pools connected by various other water adventures, where guests can glide through the lush landscape or ride the Rapids tidal river.

The myth of Atlantis will truly come alive in the Lost Chambers, which will be a maze of underground passageways and tunnels offering uninterrupted underwater vistas into the boulevards and streets of the ruins of Atlantis. This remarkable underwater exhibit will have mystical relics and ruins from the ancient city of Atlantis and will be home to several hundred species of marine life, focusing on local species found in the Arabian Gulf.

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